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some time ago we were lucky enough to be given a rather wonderful bath which we installed in the decidedly decrepit bathroom in our house. the accompanying cosmetic works involved a bit of a rethink on storage in the bathroom, so i fashioned some shelves from the wood gleaned from my son’s old loft bed so that we had somewhere to put towels and bottles of bath stuff.

for some time the new shelves were sufficient for our bathroom clutter.  but that was before the Ageing Rockstar has his lung surgery.  the Ageing Rockstar has a rather bothersome lung condition which required surgery just over a year ago. I will gloss over the medical particulars save to say that half of one of his lungs was removed which bizarrely makes breathing easier for him.

Eventually the Ageing Rockstar was allowed home, but still had a couple of pipes coming out of his side, draining into bags.  When a person has holes in them they cannot let them get underwater so  shallow baths were the order of the day.  beca…