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Men at work

well readers, i know it has been a while since you heard from me with news of events, but by way of consolation i am reporting live from a gig! 
i should explain that it is slightly more low-key than wembley, being in a working men’s club in a military town.  the Ageing Rockstar and i had to leave home rather earlier than usual as this club had somehow induced the band to enter into an actual written contract requiring them to set up by a certain time.  this is unusual in the world of ageing rockers, who tend to have played at all their venues for decades and are known for their ability to plug their gear in and complete their faffing in plenty of time without legal inducements.
anyway, after an uneventful if rather rain-soaked journey we arrived at the club. fortunately there was a parking space with the Ageing Rockstar’s name on it bang outside the building. well, i say his name.  actually it said ‘disabled’ but he has a badge which allows him to park in such spaces so all was well.
i …